Experience "Joy"

with Numerology ~ Tarot ~ Divination Cards


Joy offers more than Numerology and Tarot. Trained in Mediation and Hypnotherapy, she is intuitive, empathetic, insightful, and has an incisive mind to address your concerns. Offering over 25 years of experience using numerology and credible divination tools (including Tarot, Russian Gypsy Cards, The Circle Deck, and various wisdom cards), Joy puts it all together with kindness, humor, and powerful, proven resources. Honest answers to your most personal questions because your heart and money matter. You’re invited to experience joy in your life with a refreshing numerology and/or tarot reading. 

Bring "Joy" via Zoom to your special occasions, celebrations, parties, etc. Personal readings to entertain your guests. Connect with Joy on a screen and enjoy the magic!

Joy respectfully charges reasonable rates and offers discounts for combined readings. 



Numerology can explain what you're here to learn and accomplish.  It can reveal the dynamics of your relationships. Numerology was popularized by Pythagoras, the grandfather of geometry.  It is a proven tool in personal growth and holds a great opportunity for self understanding. 

Tarot & Divination Readings

A few favorite decks have come into my life bringing their insight and clarity.  Among the choices, let me share the wisdom of Tarot, the profound messages of the Russian Gypsy cards, and the personal knowledge shared by the Circle Deck.   Find insight using a wonderful numerology deck and/or numerous wisdom cards!

Mediation/Conflict Solutions

Are you in conflict with yourself and / or others?      Allow me to share with you the insight of the value of conflict and proven ways to bring peace to your moments and relationships.

Word Empowerment

Let   words  be  a  gift  in  your  life.     Allow  me to  share how words  can empower you to    bring  about the results you desire.                                  

Guided Meditation

Sometimes the chatter in our head is too loud to allow us to enjoy the peace from meditation.  Guided meditation is also a gateway to harmony.

Peer Consulting

Get a different opinion than your own—so often we can’t fix a problem with the same mind that created it.  Safely express yourself and receive honest, helpful feedback without judgment.